Webelos Do Your Best - 2018

Save the date for 2018: Feb 16-18


Once again the Flaming Arrow District (FAD) is sponsoring the 2017 Webelos Do Your Best campout on February 17th through February 19th.  This campout is dedicated to First and Second Year Webelos [and their families].  It is a celebration of passing over for the First Year Webelos, and the district holds an Arrow of Light ceremony at this campout for the Second Year Webelos.  For everyone, it is a fun time, with activities, games, competition, a campfire ceremony, flag retirementceremony, and more.  Everyone is urged to consider coming... you won't regret it!

But, as in all things worth something, there's a little planning we have to attend to.  From your end, it's pretty easy.   We just need to know if you are interested at this point, and how to reach you.  Please reply, sending your name, pack, estimated number of Webelos scouts that may come to the campout, preferred e-mail, and phone number.  Attached please find a document that has "everything you need to know" about this campout....or at least our best try.  If you have questions, please forward them wdyb@troop1377.org.  

Here are a few key points: 

*       This is going to be fun!  We promise, that the weather will be perfect for this event, there will be no injuries of any kind, and there will be no fire ban.  Well, we will at least cross our fingers..

*       We can't do this without your help.  The various Boy Scout troops in Flaming Arrow District sponsor this event as a whole, but all packs participate in making this a great campout.  On Saturday, your Webelos scouts will be going from activity to activity, demonstrating scouting skills they have learned [or are working on], in a friendly competitive manner.  We encourage the scouts to work as a team, which is great fun, and also emphasizes a key scouting value.  Except for those activities that require specially trained BSA adult supervision [Archery, BB-Guns, Pellet guns], Packs sponsor the activities, using their adult leaders.  Know this: they are not hard to do, they should be fun for everyone [including the adults!], just a little thought and preparation is required, and don't wait until the last minute and stress out about it. Take a look at below to see the activities offered to the Webelos in the past.  If you can't think of an activity, let us know and we will help you find one.  If your unit has an idea of an activity they would like to sponsor, please let us know ASAP.  First unit to claim an activity gets to sponsor it!!  Please keep checking the website to see which activites are available as we will update the list pretty frequently.

* We are looking forward to hearing from you.  No questions are too dumb; just keep in mind that we have our pesky jobs that keep us from providing 24 hour, instantaneous replies to your important Scout related queries.  Please be patient.  Also, please look at the bottom of the page for the link to the registration packet.

-Felix Trujillo and Eric Estrada


  Listing of possible events

Individual units will be responsible for certain events.  This is a guideline of the events we have sponsored in the past, nut we are always looking for new ideas.  If a troop or pack has claimed one of the activities below, then they are listed next to that activity.  Please remember, activities will be assigned on a “first ask, first get basis”.  If you don’t get the activity you desire, please call one of us and we will try REAL HARD to work something out.  We will be practicing RIGID FLEXIBILITY to satisfy the maximum number of people!



Unit Responsible

Scavenger Hunt

Pack 1292 

Frisbee Golf

 Pack 610

Knot Relay

Pack 39

Supply Relay

Pack 922 


Troop 1922 

Fire Building (Assuming no Fire Ban)

Pack 938 

Team Building (e.g. Plank Walk)

Pack 3603 

Tent Building

Troop 1377 

First Aid/Readyman


Rescue Baby Ravine

Pack 3017 

Rubber Chicken Voleyball

Troop 384



BB Guns


Sunday Service

 Pack 56 

Cracker Barrel (Provide Snacks)

Pack 68 



  • Are there separate bathrooms for men and women? Yes, keep in mind that you are camping out so the bathroooms are, how shall I put it, rustic but covered.
  • Is there electricity? Yes, but not at the camp sites.  There are a limited number of locations so make sure eveything is charged up!
  • Are there showers? No, but there are wash basins to clean up.
  • Is there water at the camp sites? Yes
  • Are there activities for siblings? No.  Remember this is a day for the Webelos to show off thier skills so while siblings are welcome to attend, they will not be participating in the activites. 
  • How are camp sites assigned?  They are assigned based first on unit size versus camp site capacity, and then if multiple camp sites will work, units will be awared the site of their choice on a first come first served basis.